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The power of Collect SMART sampling lies in the ability to divide the population of interest into geographically distinct clusters using U.S. Census blocks or block groups and randomly select a sample that will be both representative and generalizable to your entire study area. The Collect SMART sampling tool will draw a random sample of clusters with probability proportional to population based on the number of housing units. You can define your sampling frame as a single county, multiple counties or by zip code or multiple zip codes. Within the clusters, a random sample of households should be selected by surveyors to be interviewed. Refer to the User Manual for Project Managers on acceptable second stage sample selection methods. This method has been validated for rapid assessments and the estimation of a variety of population-level health needs in numerous studies (producing valid and precise estimates of +/-10%).

The UPLOAD FILES option below should be used if you have already pulled a sample of addresses and/or neighborhoods. This option allows you to use your own spatial data in Collect SMART whether that be a randomly selected list of address points, a set of randomly selected neighborhoods, or both. Choose UPLOAD FILES below to get started.

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Choose CLUSTER below to get started. Before you create your sample you will need to create your questionnaire using the desktop version of Epi Info 7. You can download that here for free.

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If you want to use Collect SMART to manage your convenience survey, choose CONVENIENCE below to set up your project. You will be prompted to select a geographic region and upload your questionnaire.

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